How does this work?

Instead of receiving traditional gifts for your birthday, ask your friends and family to donate in your name to the Lighthouse.


Give your
birthday as a gift
to The Lighthouse
Children and Families.

Sign up now and create your fundraising page. Set your objective, add your photo, and you are done!


Invite your family and friends
to donate to the Lighthouse
for your birthday.

Share your fundraising page on social media and by email and collect donations for the Lighthouse.


These donations
will help The Lighthouse
to provide palliative care
for children and their family.

At the Lighthouse, every effort is made so that palliative care children can smile and play until the very end.

What is The Lighthouse Children and Families?

The Lightouse Children and Families offers to palliative care children the care and services needed throughout their life to maintain the best quality of life possible. The Lighthouse also helps give respite, support and grief counseling to family members. All services are free.

More information about the Lighthouse Children and Families