September 1, 2021

Andre Boutet

It’s that time of the year again… 2020 is special, as we all know… However for all the changes we’ve had to make in our lives to stay healthy, protect loved ones and take care of protecting each other some families have it MUCH harder, and have children who are more exposed, more at risk and already required special treatment….

For those who know me you have probably heard me speak of La maison Phare Enfant et famille many times, Just recently one of our dearest friends could join us for a few days of reprieve while le Phare took care of her son for a few days…

Sometimes caring for someone who requires near round the clock help can leave one feeling overburdened, overwhelmed and tired…. Phare Enfant et Famille is there to help them , to give them some time off, time to recharge those batteries…

Especially in these complex times…

This is why this year, i am once again donating my B-Day to them, to the kids, to the parents and to the fantastic people who care for those that are in need of caring.

Since you cannot buy me a drink, a shot or dinner, Please donate to this awesome cause…. In return when all this is behind us, i’ll happilly buy the first round.


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