I give my birthday as a gift by inviting my loved ones to make a donation to The Lighthouse, Children and Families, a family-centered pediatric palliative care facility.

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Some birthdays of September

Renée Thibeault September 16, 2022
Sarah Keita September 11, 2022
Jennifer Charland
September 8, 2022
Claire Marois September 26, 2022
Manon Cyr
September 3, 2022
Claire Marois September 26, 2022

Give your birthday as a gift?
An innovative concept

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  • 1Give your birthday as a gift to The Lighthouse children and Families.
  • 2Invite your friends and family to donate to the Lighthouse for your birthday.
  • 3These donations will help The Lighthouse to offer its services in palliative care for sick children and their families.
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I want to give my birthday as a gift

To this day, thanks to you, 46 123 hours of care and services were provided to children and families of The Lighthouse.